Friday, October 31, 2014

Four Square Vocabulary

This strategy helps develop student knowledge of vocabulary by allowing them to make connections to real-world or personal experience. The student will Visualize, Define and use the word in a Sentence in order to better understand what the word means.

Classroom Computer Set Up 

  • PowerPoint (prepare a template with a Table with four cells; saved as read-only) 
  • File Save location for student project 

Activity Procedure 

Students will prepare a slide from their vocabulary word as follows:

  • Section 1. Type the Vocabulary word 
  • Section 2: Type the Definition  
  • Section 3: Locate a photo or image that represents the vocabulary word
  • Section 4: Write a complete sentence using the vocabulary word

Students will change font and add color to cells if time allows


Slides may be printed full size and posted on a word wall

Alternate Procedures

Class Booklet: All slides may be combined into one PowerPoint then printed as a "mini book" for the students to review. Print Handouts, "6 slides vertical" and Portrait Orientation. Cut out slides, leaving a little margin for stapling.

Individual Booklet: Instead of creating one slide for each word, have students create four separate slides, and print them out on one page by choosing "4 slides horizontal" and Landscape Orientation.